Wird schon werden

Soundtrack for the theatre play Wird schon werden written by Dimitrij Gawrisch and directed by Moritz Schönecker at Theaterhaus Jena.

The compositions react on Gawrisch’s terror of happiness. Inspired by background tracks for explainer videos and science-fiction blockbuster soundtracks the music plays with clichés from nerve-racking ukulele strummings to heroic drum patterns and gosple choirs.
Ironically referencing and commentating the absurd plot, the music plays an active role itself, interacting with the actors, light and stage. Yet, its cinematic wall-to-wall character helps connecting the dots emotionally and keeping up a suspenseful experience of two hours.

Client: Theaterhaus Jena, GER
With: Ole Eisfeld, Ella Gaiser, Sophie Hutter, Tina Keserovic, Jonas Laux, Benjamin Mährlein, Klara Pfeiffer
Directed by Moritz Schönecker
Stage/Light/Costume: Veronika Bleffert & Benjamin Schönecker
Music: Paul Steinmann
Photos: Joachim Dette

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