Chanel Première Camélia Skeleton
A vertical journey through time

For the introduction of the Chanel Première Camélia Skeleton watch at the international watch show Baselworld 2017, we translated the qualities of the precious watch into a memorable, intimate voyage: Entering a mysterious black cube, one visitor at a time stepped foot on an L-shaped screen beeing virtually elevated, lifting off from Place Vendôme in Paris into a universe made of watch parts, materials and light reflections. A shareable video of the journey was offered to each participant afterwards.

Content Production, Software Development, App Design and Development, Video Editing, Animation, Set Design: Random Studio
Concept Development, Creative Lead, Art Direction: Paul Steinmann
Film and Motion Direction: Menno Fokma, Paul Steinmann
3D Animation: Heerko Groefsema, Marius Denisse
Sound Design: Dylan Galletly

Absurd Dialog
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