Glashaus (Simulacrum)

An installation by Clas Steinmann and Paul Steinmann

Two industrially manufactured greenhouses form the framework for the installation GLASHAUS. In a staging process, the frames are uncovered (freed from their coverings), spatially arranged and augmented: the permeable scaffolding is used to hang fragments of custom-made panels and objects. Prints and drawings, plants, stones and video screens in various sizes and with visible montage transform the enclosed space into an invented, walk-in laboratory.

This happens in a dialogue between Clas and Paul Steinmann, who use manual techniques and digital tools such as 3D software and virtual reality for both the conceptual methods of image-making and collaboration. In a bidirectional causal relationship, the material is thus linked with the virtual; from the inside as well as the outside, the installation allows kaleidoscopic views in, out and through to image-poetic artefacts, artificial scenes and virtual landscapes. 

Installation for two glasshouses and two Teleprompters. Concept & Production: Clas Steinmann, Paul Steinmann

Absurd Dialog
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